Hoop Sizing

Hoop sizing can be one of the most challenging aspects of the hoop world for beginner hoopers, and sometimes even experienced hoopers. Since there are so many different sizes, types of tubing, and  hoops, it is understandable that choosing a hoop can have you going in circles. 
So where do we begin ?

Forget about the idea that one size fits all !

One factor everyone should keep in mind:
Find a hoop that is large enough to learn the basics with, such as waist hooping. This is great for beginners because they move around the body at a much slower pace, therefore making it easier to hoop.

If a larger hoop is the kind you want to start out with, you can start by measuring yourself from the floor to your navel to determine the size of your hoop. You should also consider your body size. Smaller hoopers can hoop with smaller hoops ranging from 35” to  38” as a starting size. Curvier hoopers may want to try larger hoops up to 39”- 42".



  • A hoop that is very large will be much better than one that ends up being too small.
  • As you progress with your hooping you may find yourself wanting to downsize, or not.
  • You can keep hoops of all different sizes around for different types of play, or for what you may feel in the mood for on a certain day.
  • If you do feel the desire to start downsizing, going by 2” in diameter at a time is a good way to start your collection.
  • Experimenting is key! 


Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you have regarding sizing! We are always happy to help!