Though jewelry-making began as an accidental love, creating has always been a part of my nature. My affinity for the arts draws me to use different forms of expressions like songwriting, singing, modeling, hoop dance, weaving and jewelry design.

   Being in the center of the fashion industry and working with top designers for the past 20 years, has given me the inspiration. Along with traveling abroad and experiencing different cultures, the art of adornment grew into a unique and compelling passion I wanted to express through jewelry.

    I was 28 when I decided to enroll at the Fashion Institute of Technology, however, after being accepted, life proved to have other plans for me. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and given my values, family came first. Eventually, after my daughter Taina turned 5, I decided to enroll again, to learn more about my craft and make the dream of becoming a jewelry designer a reality.

   While in school I learned many innovative ways and techniques to create jewelry, working with alternative materials, sculpting, forming metal, wax carving, piercing, setting stones, and learning the magical world of gemology and 3D modeling, experiencing the full process hands on.

   Being born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx has also played a role in the feel of my designs. Urban, Indigenous, African and Taino are all woven throughout my work.  Overall, my design principles are guided by the abstract, my innate sense of adventure, along with the ability to visualize my creations. 

Check out my dreamcatcher art collection with detachable wearable jewelry. Adorned  with found objects, feathers and rare gemstones. Wear Your Dreams  by IsamarDesigns


   In addition to loving art, I thrive on movement, but not just any dance. Yes! Hoop dance. My relationship with the hoop began after I gave birth to my daughter, to tone and stay fit. All while becoming my healing companion throughout my postpartum depression. Little did I know it was going to become a portal for me to return to myself and see my visions clearer. Later becoming a certified HoopYogini™ Instructor integrating hula hooping, hatha yoga and meditation. 

  The circle then has became another pathway to express my passion. My artistic work has extended to weaving interactive dreamcatcher installations for schools to empower and uplift scholars. My goal is to make a positive impact through my business as everything is an evolution. 



 Dreamcatcher Installation for